Sanemi and you may Giyu seem to n’t have a good relationship as his or her characters can be some other

Giyu attempts to help save Tanjiro out of Nezuko Kamado, have been became a demon, it is surprised observe Tanjiro looking to cover the woman. [1] Just after nearly taking taken down of the Tanjiro, he senses their potential and you may delivers him so you’re able to their learn, Sakonji Urokodaki, very they can show your being a demon Slayer. [2]


If you are first aggressive with the them, Giyu has arrived to help you worry a great deal about the siblings and you will ready to violate the Devil Hunters’ password off conduct by getting his life at risk so you can include her or him. [3] [4]

Tanjiro is but one who lets Giyu to start and you will see he needs to step in to being the inheritor regarding water Respiration Layout, and never assist their early in the day losings and you will sense of inadequacy prevent him off recognizing which. Both now have so much more in keeping than simply they feel, thinking for the similar frequencies. In a few suggests, Tanjiro try his companion (aside from his later pal Sabito, and you may, to some extent, fellow Hashira Shinobu Kocho).

They are demonstrated to care much to have Tanjiro, that’s next viewed as he gets considerably angered whenever Akaza attempts to kill Tanjiro, losing their common stoic demeanour and you may jumping into cover your on the Upper Rating. When Tanjiro try thought lifeless pursuing the fight with Muzan Kibutsuji, Giyu whines and you may blames himself to have not being able to include him. [5] When Tanjiro will get a demon, but not, Giyu shows absolutely nothing concern in order to assault your towards intention to help you kill in the place of others who is actually near to Tanjiro. The guy do hesitate to eliminate Tanjiro as he sees Tanjiro was attacking Muzan’s manage.

Shinobu Kocho

Giyu and Shinobu is actually one another Hashira of your Devil Slayer Corps. He’s contrary personalities and you may 1st be seemingly from the odds together. [6] Giyu try astonished whenever she claimed the guy just got a good grudge for her getting saying the others disliked him. [7] Despite coming to odds together, she’s the only real Hashira who Giyu have interacted that have and you will talked to help you cordially.

Afterwards, both he and you will Shinobu arrived at worry about the new Kamado siblings and are also substantially disappointed from the intense treatment of additional Hashira toward Tanjiro and you can Nezuko. [8] Whenever Giyu after hears from the Shinobu’s demise, he could be substantially surprised and troubled by the information. This contrasts so you can their reaction to death of his other other Devil Slayers such as for instance Kyojuro Rengoku, Muichiro Tokito and you will Genya Shinazugawa, which the guy don’t reply to since mentally.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi together with constantly noisy and you may abrasive speech while Giyu try left peaceful and you can silent. The only go out discover esteem revealed occurs when Kagaya is actually in the room.

It’s shown one to Giyu attempts to has a casual gesture to your Sanemi whenever Tanjiro proposes to consume ohagi together with her. After the Devil Slayers is disbanded, the 2 Hashira move to one another and you can laugh, as their long journey eventually concluded.

Sakonji Urokodaki

Due to the fact previous H2o Hashira, Sakonji was Giyu’s master and the one who trained him the Liquids Respiration Build due to the fact cultivator. He keeps him on the higher admiration and you will Sakonji appears to have enough faith with the their previous pupil too, given that seen as he welcomes his judgement of Tanjiro and you can Nezuko’s points by the agreeing to train and security him or her. [9]


When you find yourself Sabito was long dead up until the series been, it had been showed that both the guy and you may Sabito had been buddies while they experienced comparable items away from dropping their families to help you Demons and bonded really because of this. Later, from inside the Latest Options Exam, Sabito passed away at the hands of the newest Hands Demon seeking conserve their existence while others exactly who took part in the test. Sabito’s death caused Giyu to feel a great deal shame with the section in which he doubted their own show and you may noticed leaving his position as the H2o Hashira.

Tsutako Tomioka

Tsutako are Giyu’s older brother. Not much is famous on Giyu and you will Tsutako’s relationships, it is showed that Giyu along with his sibling accustomed possess an effective and loving sibling relationships. One night, Tsutako hid the students Giyu and sacrificed herself to guard him out-of Demons fighting their property. Giyu including cared a lot to possess their sister which he feels bad on her behalf dying and you can thought he or she is best off inactive just before Sabito clicked during the your because of that.

Obanai Iguro

Obanai disliked Giyu to own undecided factors, even though Obanai’s vibe can be an enormous cause for they. Later on inside their fight against Muzan the two was found protecting both and working together.