Pacey features a connection with among the many waitresses at society, Karen

Soon after Jen’s dying, they admit that things have stored all of them apart over time, nevertheless they realize that they’re nonetheless crazy about each other

After working as a patio hand on a boat all summertime appropriate graduation from high-school, Pacey settles in Boston and requires employment working as a chef in a fancy bistro, culture. Whenever Jen finds out which he’s in town Pacey asks the girl to not determine the others, but Joey sees your on bistro. They display a sweet reunion on Pacey’s boat, as pals. This turns out to be problematic as she actually is having an affair making use of mind cook, Danny, a married guy that Pacey thinks a mentor.

The guy furthermore attempts to help out Dawson following the loss of Mitch Leery. He and Audrey (Joey’s roomie) be interested in one another and rapidly embark on an actual relationship. Pacey’s guide, Danny, renders culture and another manager, Alex Pearl (Sherilyn Fenn), gets control of. Alex alienates the bistro team triggering Pacey causes a walk-out en masse during a meeting with local dealers to protest Alex’s administration strategies. This is why, the restaurant is actually closed and both Pacey and Alex were discharged. As summertime strategies, Pacey comes back to Capeside to your workplace as a security safeguard in the Capeside Yacht dance club, but departs to attempt to rekindle circumstances with Audrey. He at some point convinces their to get your back and the two drive cross-country to Audrey’s homes in L.A.

While in the group’s spring break day at Florida, Audrey and Pacey decide to make relationship formal

Pacey finds economic profits as a stockbroker in Boston, that’s setup by Audrey’s pops. Audrey breaks affairs off with him as his brand new task have a dramatic influence on his life, which clashes with hers. Right after, Pacey admits that he’s perhaps not totally over Joey. They share a kiss at an event at Jack & Pacey’s house and in a later event both become marooned immediately in a K-Mart. Getting locked in together instantaneously, the specific situation makes the two to go over their unique history (and current) union, with both admitting they neglect both. They try a reconciliation but Joey finishes items when the girl previous ex-boyfriend, Eddie, abruptly reappears.

A while later, Pacey somewhat helps make amends along with his estranged father as he visits him in Capeside after his daddy endures a gentle coronary attack. With Pacey’s pops too ill working any longer as a result of numerous health conditions from his life-long alcoholism, Pacey’s uncle, Doug, gets control of as acting authorities fundamental of Capeside. While working as a stockbroker, Pacey clashes a couple of times together with his advanced, arrogant employer, high Renaldi (Dana Ashbrook). Pacey manages to lose his job soon after a significant monetary loss after a bio-tech stock chest. Regrettably, he in addition loses a all of Dawson’s benefit, as Pacey got invested them for your. This leads to a critical debate between the two, spilling over into them reconsidering their relationship. Joey chooses it’s time for Pacey and Dawson to work out their dilemmas without the girl in the centre and kits the two doing satisfy after their own debate. Pacey profits to Capeside and temporarily moves in with Doug, whilst raising exactly what money they can with the help of area customers to start out paying Dawson back.

5 years later on, a 25-year-old Pacey is currently the proprietor of The Icehouse, a fruitful cafe in Capeside having exactly the same name because one Joey’s group regularly function. Whenever anyone return to Capeside for Gale Leery’s event, sparks travel between Pacey and Joey, but their reunion is actually disturbed once they discover that Jen was perishing.

The 2 spending some time together in Capeside while Jen is actually hospitalized. The collection ends with Pacey and Joey romantically with each other, watching the summer season finale of Dawson’s television show, The Creek, in fact it is according to their own youth in Capeside.