Content is king.

We specialise in producing premium video content
seamlessly merged with marketing strategy.


Driven by ideas, we’re pretty much a bunch of dreamers. Maybe a wee bit obsessive at times, we’re never far from a good old think. Starting out in film production, then moving into copywriting, design and creative direction, we eventually became a content and marketing partner for growing brands. Obsessed with improvement and always on the hunt for that final 5%, we’re not your usual wham bam thank you ma’am creative house. We understand business first hand and will not stop until the fire is truly ablaze. We find that when you’re trying to spin a solid yarn, nothing stirs the creative juices better than a fresh brew, so give us a bell, we’ll put the billy on.

There’s always a backstory.

Earmarked a dreamer, our founding director went to film school after university, more or less to put off having to get a job. An early knack for story telling quickly developed into a passion for the creative. Graphic Design school followed, then Motion Graphic Design school, all in the pursuit of not having to work nine to five. Over time, passion morphed into obsession. Miscellaneous jobs came and went, but with a deep entrepreneurial streak they never lasted. From the frustration of monotony and with an affinity for rule bending, Freshly Ground was born. Set up initially to provide an outlet for personal creative projects, it didn’t take long for things to get out of hand. One thing led to another, more people got involved and the projects started to grow. Contract creative gigs turned into content strategy partnerships until eventually a couple of start ups apparated. Lessons were learnt, friends were made, and the rest as they say, is history. Freshly Ground now acts as a creative content partner for businesses looking to grow, create change and communicate effectively.

Bit of a mission, aye?

Our mission, other than to create the perfect cup of coffee, is to produce cutting edge creative content, seamlessly merging art and commerce, with an outcome that emotes, inspires action and influences decisions.

We are artists and entrepreneurs at heart and CREATION IS OUR PASSION. We love to collaborate and thrive in the pressure cooker of creative challenges. We are driven by the idea and it’s our mission to help organisations find solutions to problems, creating inspiring work that moves people, challenges them and gets them thinking.

“We’re pretty keen on knocking things out of the park, or at least swinging for the fences… We like to make sure our clients walk away feeling like they’ve got some real bang for their hard earned bucks… ideally, so they don’t walk away at all.”

Coffee & creativity, a perfect match.

FLAT WHITE what time is it?


SHORT BLACK light a fire under it, Jim!


LATTE whats a flat white?


CAPPUCCINO good for mum - just a wee sprinkle of cinnamon thanks


FLUFFY it's for the kids



We’ve worked with some pretty awesome brands & organisations. We know what works and have the expertise to pull it off.

"Absolutely nailed it! The difference seems to be in the amount of time spent examining our business. A phenomenal result! They really do understand marketing and story, so much so that we've kept them on!"

− David Maxwell, CEO Eighth Wonder Travel

We’re Eighth Wonder Travel’s content partner.




We’re a group of passionate creatives. Writers, designers, film makers, entrepreneurs & coffee lovers.

“Coffee & creative pretty much go hand in hand… both keep us awake at night.”

Jimmy & Elle – Delivered with an almost serious tone, circa 2014.