We’re a group of passionate film makers, designers, copywriters, entrepreneurs & coffee lovers.
Coffee & film pretty much go hand in hand, both keep us awake at night.


We pride ourselves on our ability to combine incredible aesthetics and creative concepts with a true understanding of marketing and strategy.

Premium Video Production

We’re highly passionate and technically minded film makers and designers who go the extra mile, that is reflected in the work we produce.

Compelling Storytelling

We pride ourselves on understanding your brand and your audience. We know how to write an effective script, creatively telling your story in the right way, to the right people.

Content Strategy

We’re highly skilled professionals with diverse experience in marketing. We not only blend strategy into our content, we also work with you to get the most out of your video assets.

Cost Effective Results

We have worked hard to invest in industry leading equipment and to make efficiencies in our process. We pass those savings on to our clients.

We helped Eighth Wonder tell their story Watch the video


We are focussed on finding the core of ‘the idea’, producing premium visual content, marketing & strategy wrapped in creativity.
Crafting beautiful film to tell compelling stories is a tricky business, but over the years we have perfected the craft. Heres the process we typically follow.


We start things off by taking your story in its simplest form and putting the heat on, discussing what you want to say, how you want to say it and who you’re talking to. We bounce ideas off you and each other, ensuring we have explored every potential avenue. This is the concept, script & pre-production phase.


The fineness of the grind strongly affects the final cup, and we’re experts at ensuring the perfect consistency for the press and brew. This is the shooting & design phase, capturing the most stunning imagery, designing highly compelling motion graphics and recording the cleanest sound possible.


Having carefully prepared the grind, we then give it the press & brew using the utmost precision to create work that envelops the senses. This is the edit & VFX period and time for you to view and critique the product, whittling down your short film to its purest form, ensuring everything is tasting just right.


This creates the final look & feel of the project, ensuring the presentation is sublime. The sound mix & colour grade are supremely important, this is their time to truly propel your project to the next level & a last chance for any refinement before you deliver to your audience & convert new customers.

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Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 5.15.01 PM

Love the snow – Asia/NZ campaign

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 8.34.18 PM

Eighth Wonder – Inspire

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 12.08.36 PM

Through our eyes – Bowl


Opus – Japan daze


Escape the city – TVC Campaign


Mt Ruapehu – Spring Sessions


Ohau Lodge – Welcome


Cardrona NZ – Parks


TVNZ Breakfast – Snow Show


Opus – Logo Animation


Opus – Inspire


Bowl-A-Rama – Wrap


We’ve worked with some pretty awesome companies and organisations. We understand targeting, strategy, reach, marketing spend and the importance of a positive ROI for your asset.
Whether you need content for your website or a full-scale television commercial, we know what works and have the expertise to pull it off.

"The FGC team are extremely knowledgeable about video production and the most effective way to engage our customers, they helped us to develop the script using the right language to convey our message to our clients in the best way possible. Very happy with the result!"

− Jesse Larsen, OptiFleet

"Absolutely nailed it! The Freshly Ground team spent a lot of time and effort getting to know our business and then developed the script using the right kind of language for our target market. They really do care about owning a project to ensure it's the best it can possibly be. True artists and businessmen. "

− David Maxwell, MD Eighth Wonder Travel

"James and the team came up with the concept for the SAANZ campaign in quick fashion under a tight deadline, not only did they nail the target market, they delivered a video with production values far higher than the budget we gave them would suggest."

− Mike Smith, Snow365

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